Friday, October 21, 2005

My Kitties!

Hi! Well this is my first Blog entry! So what better to tell you about then my cats!? Ok, get ready for a long list of cats!!

Ok well my first cat I have is Baby. She is the mother of most of my other cats. In this picture of her she is feeding her three youngest kittens, all of which i will get to later...but any way... we found her in an ally and brought her home. She is so friendly and peopley! She is also a very good mother cat. She now is a bit tierd of all her kittens...but anyway, shes an awsome cat!

So, in her first litter, she had five kittens, three died. The other two had to stay at the vets in an incubater (oh by the way, i can spell nothing). This is one of them, Chubby! Yea, I know, she is not a chubby cat but she was a chubby we just call her Cha. She too had a litter of kittens. Only three and one died, but I'll tell you of them in a bit. Chubby was not a very good mother and I belive we ended up bottel feeding them for the most part. She is a great cat though. She has kidney disease, but she has had it now for some time. Other then going wild over any food and not having the shinney furr she once did, shes fine. As I'm writting this she's sitting on me :)

The other kitten in that first litter is Weeble. She is a quite unique cat! She can't walk. Yep, she's a little nonwalker! We are'nt sure exactly why she can't walk really. She sure does get around though! She's a flopper! She pushes her self back and forth and frount and back and leaps and goes wild at times to get where she wants to be. Her muscles are sooo powerfull! She is an amazing little cat. She holds onto the side of the water dish with her frount paws and laps up water! She eats dry cat food once a day on her own, we just put her at it. Then I spoon feed her canned cat food at night. She loves to go outside and lay in the sun and to be held and petted. She is such a happy little kitty!

Well, then in the next litter of cats, Baby had three kittens, one died, poor thing. The remaining were very healthy...and loud! This is Mowzer, he is the king cat! He's big and clumbsy and likes to meow. He loves people and food and cat nip. He is our cat with the longest furr and whiskers and huge paws! He is very pretty, this isn't a very good picture of him, he is with his mom in it, but hes the fluffyer one.

His sister is Colico. She was an extremly nice cat! She was so friendly and loving, just an awsome cat. Unfortinutly she got kindey disease and died. I now have her ashes. I miss her alot, she was such a wonderful cat. :*(

Then there was another litter! This time three healthy kittens! All survived! Yay! Ok here, this is Miss Molly. She is a big cry baby! I think she talks sometimes just to hear herself. She purrs like...nonstop all the time and allllways wants held and picked up. She's so pretty, silvery gray, i belive they call it "blue" in cat books actualy. She is also a very motherly cat. She bathes the others and treats them like her kittens. Shes great.

Her sister Shybaby, who in this photo is in the mailbox, was also a great cat. Well I hope she still is... she sort of disapeared.:( My theory is she was outside, as our cats often go out for a little while, and someone saw her and petted her and took her home, she was such a friendly cat. I hope thats what happened any way... Every picture I have of her is sooo good! I like this one best though, so cute!!

Ok, their sister, Runtski is not my cat any more :( She is my cousin, Zach's cat now. She is pretty like Molly. She is also not the most friendly cat in the world lol. She has a tendency to bite certin people, like my mom and grandma lol. She has been declawed so I think that's why she bites. Ok, anyway, back to my kitties.

The next litter was Cha's litter. This is Buster! She is nice, a bit on the shy side, but getting more and more outgoing all the time. She looks alot like her mom, but bigger and darker. Sometimes she bites you while you pet her lol. Shes a nice cat!

And here is her sister Little Girl. now we were a bit outta creativity for cat names... any way, Little Girl is a sorta weird cat. She sits for hours and stares at the wall and also my brother has taught her to Meow when ever she wants to be petted. Sometimes...she also stares at you and wont stop lol. Shes so cute! She is a bit on the kitten side in this photo.

Ok, you are more then likely not still reading this...but in case you are, i will go on. Only one more litter left!!

Ok, the last litter before alllll of them went to be spayed and nuetered was consisted of three healthy cats! They are the ones in the photo of Baby. Any way, this here is Tigger. He is awsome, but kinda thinks hes a dog. He lays on the floor and he licks people and even drools a bit! he is pretty big, atleast compared to the other cats i have. He has been to the vet the most too. He used to get into cat fights with strays. He was beaten up pretty bad a few times and yea. He doesnt so much any more, thank goodness!!

This is Tigger with his brother, Winnie. They were twins! So cute! but...Winnie got liver disease, I call it orange cat disease cause all the orange cats I've ever had except Tigg died like this. He died in the vets office...getting a blood transfusion...we now have his ashes as well. He died very young, only a little over a year. I miss him :*(

Ok, the last and littlest cat! This is Eeyore! She is tinny. Like 3 pounds full grown. She has a bit of a mean looking face, but shes still so cute! She is friendly...when she wants to be. Other times she can be very good at ignoring you. Oh yea, she also loooves my one dog, Ed. She snuglles with him and follows him and rubs him! So cute.

Ok ok ok! thats all. If you read all must be really bored. Anyway, i don't think the pictures worked...I will mess with them.